Dave Cullen, author of Columbine 

The Attack

This section is composed of:

  1. The Bombs: Police photos of the actual failed bombs used in the attack. Also, a narrative summary describing the bombs from the JeffCo Sheriff's Department.

  2. The Guns: Police photos of the weapons used in the attack, including the four big guns, and an assortment of knives.

  3. Crime Scene Photos: Police photos showing the wreckage inside the school.

  4. Attack Diagrams and Satellite Photos: Detailed police diagrams illustrating exactly how and where the attack played out. They are packed with a lot of confusing information, so I provide thorough explanations walking you through each. I also added satellite photos to help you orient them to the outside world.

  5. Images of Eric's Plan: Scanned pages from the back of Eric's journal. These include his drawings of the planned weaponry and gear, diagrams of the attack plan, schedules and charts (such as his bomb-production chart).

  6. Video from the Attack: Information on all video available from and about the attack, including The Basement Tapes, Rampart Range and Hitmen for Hire.